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As a vertically integrated company, we offer full-service automotive components and systems for clients at low costs. We have the capabilities to create unique products from our ability to manufacture specific molds and machines. Our design and engineering team collaborate with our clients to find the most suitable solution based on market research.

ABC Technologies’ tooling and assembly processes accelerate time-to-market speed and cost savings for our clients.  Our products continue to be safe and durable due to our excellent quality assurance policies and procedures. At ABC Technologies, from conception to finished product, we maintain our reputation for innovation and originality due to our optimal capabilities.

Design & Engineering

You can expect full product development support from our Design and Engineering teams as our client. We offer many competitive advantages resulting from the vertical integration of our company such as internal capabilities for tooling, material selection expertise, and simplified assembly operations. Our company invests in employee training and design research to ensure our work continues to surpass industry standards. We are committed to excellent results by recommending specific designs customized for clients, prototyping analysis, including trial runs and pre/post- production evaluations.

Our Services Include

Industrial Design


Product Design

Analytical Modeling

3D Printing

Research & Development

Lab/Testing Services


Research & Development

Our company’s open culture allows departments to strategize and collaborate with each other to find optimal solutions for our clients. The Advanced Product Development team collaborates with all the departments to develop technologically advanced and unique automotive product solutions. In addition, the Marketing team conducts research to support the development of new features and products based on consumer demands. Our business has established hundreds of registered patents based on our design, research and development of products.


ABC Technologies’ Supreme Tooling Group (STG) is an industry leader in blow molding machine design, assembly lines and post-production fixtures. STG maximizes our ability to efficiently deliver world-class products. All machines are built in Canada and can be geared to specific resin applications. In addition to these processes, fully robotic paint lines are used, with waterborne interior 1K and 2K paint systems, featuring soft touch capabilities.

Our fully integrated systems reduce manufacturing costs while accelerating the time-to-market speed for our customers. ABC Technologies’ 24/7 service is an essential asset for clients in providing high-quality products. We retain a full-service staff with expert knowledge and specific trade skills to manage the manufacturing process.

Our Processes Include

Continuous Extrusion

  • High-capacity synchronized systems accommodate a variety of rigid and flexible product applications.
  • Primarily used in Air Induction.

Polyurethane Composite Board

  • Light-weighting applications.
  • PU Compression Molding applications.
  • Primarily used in Interior Systems.

Compression Molding

  • Truck lids and load floors.
  • Flat surfaces.
  • Thermoset and Thermoplastic materials.


  • Application includes dual durometer parts.
  • Primarily used in Air Induction.

Console Assembly

  • Proprietary secondary and finishing fixture Technology to ship fully assembled Product Systems.
  • Proprietary and custom adapted Robotics Technologies.

Injection Molding

  • Top-50 largest Automotive Injection Molder in North America.
  • 75T-3300T press size.

Blow Molding

  • 2nd largest Automotive Blow Molder in North America.
  • In-house machine & mold design/build capabilities.
  • 1lb – 40lb shot size.

2-Shot Molding

  • Cost-savings; tooling, parts/components and secondary operations.
  • Improvement in part integrity.
  • Design flexibility.

3D Flashless Blow Molding

  • Cost-savings in part scrap/regrind.
  • Performance enhancements.
  • Design flexibility.
  • Primarily used in Air Induction.


  • Operates fully integrated, Robotic Paint Lines.
  • Utilize waterborne interior 1K and 2K Paint Systems.

Material Compounding

Plastic Compounding | Reinforced Polyolefins | Thermoplastic Elastomers
(TPO and TPV) | Pre-coloured Concentrates

ABC has played a major role in the advancement of thermoplastic and custom compounds for specialized automotive products. Through our collaboration with Salflex Polymers, all of our products are an effective and competitive alternative to metals and engineered plastics. Our employees have extensive experience with high performance engineered resins, and work closely with resin manufactures to test and evaluate new materials. ABC Technologies’ commitment to sustainable development includes the research and engineering of sustainable products.

Machine and Tool Building Group

Mold Making | Machine Building | Secondary Assembly Systems | Custom Automation Equipment

One of ABC Technologies’ key distinctions is the ability to design our own products by working in tandem with the Supreme Tooling Group (STG). STG designs the tooling, builds machines and creates all related finishing and secondary assembly systems to meet the product’s exact requirements. These capabilities give our client’s the advantage of rapid prototyping and unique product manufacturing with lower costs.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is maintained through our IATF 16949 certification in combination with proactive quality management principles.

Our goal to achieve and enhance customers’ satisfaction is reflected in our zero-defect policy and commitment to the continuous improvement of products and customer service. ABC Technologies receives top quality ratings from our customers and regularly conducts system audits (internal/external). Consequently, ABC Technologies receives numerous quality awards on an annual basis.

Quality assurance remains an integral and on-going responsibility of all plant employees, as everyone participates regularly in quality-related training programs, seminars and workshops. We carry out a full range of testing, analysis and monitoring activities at both the plant level and at the ABC Technologies’ customers accredited research laboratories.